Tuesday April 22, 2003

We saw a squirrel!!!

We had a grey squirrel on our porch rail this morning! Rich told me last night he had seen one yesterday. I was hoping it would come back. We'll have lived here 15 years in May and this is only the second time I've seen a squirrel closer than a mile from the house - the other time was December of last year when I saw one in the tree behind the back fence. That was terrific; today was just delightful!

The boys were entranced (they saw it first). I don't know how long they had been watching before I woke up.

This porch is a small deck just off the end of our upstairs screenporch. The porch rail has our sunflower seed feeder on it. The cats love the screenporch - fresh air, a great view of the back yard (and the birds). And today, a treat! ...
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