Saturday April 19, 2003


As is often the case, Mezzaluna was lying across the foot of the bed this morning when I woke up. I leaned down to stroke her tummy and rub her chin. She was (again, as is often the case) purring. Mezzaluna has an incredible motor. I lay my ear on her chest and let all of those wonderful vibrations fill my head.

Last weekend at Wild Cat Adventure, you may recall we met a cheetah. We were told that scientists were at first unsure whether to classify the cheetah as a cat or a dog. Unlike most cats, cheetahs do not have retractable front claws (it's easier to run in cleats). They don't have glow-in-the-dark eyes and great night vision either (cheetahs hunt in the daytime when the lions are sleeping; lions prey on cheetahs). They don't climb trees.

Well, after spending time in a room with a contented cheetah (he was in charge; he was content) I could tell the scientists that the cheetah is unequivocally a cat. Cheetahs purr!

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