Monday April 14, 2003

Safari has Tabs!

The latest Safari beta has tabs! It has AutoFill as well. My first and second most desired enhancements are now part of Safari. My new favorite browser now has everything I wanted!.

Tabs have been a big deal since Safari shipped the first Beta. There are Tabs in Mozilla and (most) users like tabs (count me among them). Giles Turnbull wrote an article comparing Safari to Camino (formerly Chimera), the Mac OS X Aquatized Mozilla project. He wrote:

No sooner had Safari made it out into the wild, than many users were clamoring for tabbed browsing. Long available in Mozilla, Opera, and other browsers, the use of tabs to bring together a screenload of web browser windows into a smaller, single-window package has become a very popular feature (although there are some who consider tabs alien to the Mac way of doing things).
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Safari has Tabs! ( in category WWW ) - posted at Mon, 14 Apr, 14:07 Pacific