Saturday March 22, 2003

Springtime in San Bruno pt. 2 - March

I thought I'd share a little more spring from the SF Bay Area... (warning - popup images ahead. You'll need Javascript enabled to see the photos)

Our plum tree is mostly red leaves now; only 2 or 3 blossoms remain. The tulips are starting to bloom; these are in a large pot on the deck by the sunroom door; they get more sun. The others (in the terrace) are still just buds. The daylilies are blooming too now (yeah!).

This is the first of the lilacs from 4 days ago. The white lilac blooms earliest. Here's another blossom from today; its really on a roll now.

The dark purple french lilac is putting out flower buds; I'm happy to see this, as the poor thing was canted way over earlier this year and had been inundated by the nearby rose bush. I dug around it, re-set it upright, trimmed the rose back. And the lilac seems to be recovering from its ordeal.

We've got some nice moss that grows between the stones of the footpath and between the blocks of the terrace wall. It's quite a nice lush moss, still verdant at this time of year. I think the closeup came out well.

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