Sunday March 30, 2003

Cat Show

We don't show our guys, but sometimes we like to watch :-)

We went today to the "San Francisco Reveler's" (and Friskies) cat show at the San Mateo expo hall. A nice big show (CFA). Lots of kitties. Lots of toys, cat-design clothing, furniture, and other stuff.

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Monday March 24, 2003

Making the bed

People who don't have cats miss out on the adventure in small domestic tasks. Today we stripped the bed and put on fresh sheets. Bebop and Mezzaluna helped.

Pounce! Dive! Bouncepounce! Boing boing boing. While I admit it takes longer when I have help, it's ever so much more fun. Who but a cat parent could say they have so much fun making the bed?


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Sunday March 23, 2003

Annual Tax-time Pondering

I did my taxes yesterday (for anyone who does their own taxes, I can't recommend Turbo Tax more strongly. It took me from tears at tax time to almost painless many years ago and I have been a staunch and loyal customer ever since.)

So anyway, doing my taxes, I wondered as I do each year why I can't count the furkids as dependents... they're as much (or more) dependent on me as a human child or "elderly relative" would be. I buy them food and toys and pay for annual vet appointments and medical insurance. They can't go out and get a job (they can't even go out except under strict supervision and generally in a carrier!).

It doesn't seem fair... but then, I guess taxes were never meant to be fair.

At least this year (unlike last year) I get a refund. Not huge, but when you're unemployed, you take whatever you can get!

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Saturday March 22, 2003

Springtime in San Bruno pt. 2 - March

I thought I'd share a little more spring from the SF Bay Area... (warning - popup images ahead. You'll need Javascript enabled to see the photos)

Our plum tree is mostly red leaves now; only 2 or 3 blossoms remain. The tulips are starting to bloom; these are in a large pot on the deck by the sunroom door; they get more sun. The others (in the terrace) are still just buds. The daylilies are blooming too now (yeah!).

This is the first of the lilacs from 4 days ago. The white lilac blooms earliest. Here's another blossom from today; its really on a roll now.

The dark purple french lilac is putting out flower buds; I'm happy to see this, as the poor thing was canted way over earlier this year and had been inundated by the nearby rose bush. I dug around it, re-set it upright, trimmed the rose back. And the lilac seems to be recovering from its ordeal.

We've got some nice moss that grows between the stones of the footpath and between the blocks of the terrace wall. It's quite a nice lush moss, still verdant at this time of year. I think the closeup came out well.

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Saturday March 15, 2003

Bengal 4th most popular breed of cat

I picked up a copy of one of my favorite periodicals yesterday - the CATS USA annual (from the editors of CatFancy Magazine). It's 1/4" of glossy photos, tips, photos, articles, photos, breeder directory, and more photos.

I was very interested to read this year's "Top 10 list" of the most popular breeds. The Persian is still the "world's most popular" breed of cat, and the Maine Coon is still the second most popular in the US (we know why). But coming in third this year, surpassing the Siamese in popularity is... the Bengal. The Siamese is now in 4th place.


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Sunday March 9, 2003


I'm sitting here at my desk, happily receiving "Bebumps", Bebop's special brand of kitty bumps. He sits on my desk, next to the keyboard, looking at me with those wonderful expressive eyes, little hearts poofing out of his head like the kitty in Rose is Rose. Then "bump" with his head on my arm. Or a paw on my shoulder (or wrist). Another bump. I kiss the top of his fuzzy head. He licks my wrist. I rub his ears. Bump.

I type a little. Another bump. "Pay some attention to the cat" he says. "I'm here. I love you."

Eventually he's had enough attention and hops up into the kitty basket above the monitor. I feel sorry for people who have the computer but not the cats...

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Saturday March 1, 2003

Spontaneous generation

Sometimes I can readily understand how the theory of spontaneous generation came into being. Recently, we have had ants on our kitchen counter - the tiny little brown ones. I don't know where they are coming from. The only time I see one is in the middle of the counter. Always one or perhaps two, no trail, never coming from a cabinet or up from the floor. Just one ant, miraculously appearing out of thin air on the counter top.

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