Sunday February 16, 2003

Springtime in San Bruno - February

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February is springtime here. The ornamental plums all begin to flower in the beginning of February. This is the best year yet for our tree. Even the rain of the last 2 days hasn't made much impact on the blossoms

The picture of the tree was taken this morning, after last nights rainstorm. Still grey skies but clearing. Photos of branch and blossom were taken last week when it was sunny and nice.

This purple flower is our fall flower; I don't remember what it's called... but it has velvety leaves and big purple flowers that bloom from Sept/Oct to Jan/Feb.

This rose is a Flower Carpet ground cover rose - they take little care, are hardy and disease resistant and, in our climate, bloom year round (I know they'll grow in Pennsylvania; a friend of my parents' has some!). They are available in the US but the main information site appears to be in the UK.

Last but not least, here is Bebop, enjoying the garden.

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