Monday February 03, 2003

Nature Walk

We took a walk this morning along one of our favorite area trails, the Sawyer Camp Trail along the Crystal Springs Reservoir.

It was a lovely day, blue, warm, clear. I wish I had brought a camera (the photos below aren't the same animals we saw (sigh) but they look very much like the ones we saw.)

Aside from the sparrows, junkos, blue jay and hummingbird, we also saw a sweet Mule deer doe. She had come over the fence to the trail and was standing by the side of the paved walkway, nibbling leaves and things. She would look up at everyone, assess them as "tame humans" and go back to eating. She was no more than 6 feet away and didn't seem to care.


We went 1.5 miles, then turned around and came back. Halfway back I stopped at a bench to adjust my sock, and I saw a little brownish-grey head pop out of the ground in front of me. So I called Rich over (quietly) and we sat and watched a pocket gopher eat his lunch. He looked like a little furry fingerpuppet with bright black eyes and little whiskers. He popped out just his head or head and shoulders and grabbed some clover, cutting it off at the stem with his teeth or teeth and paws and Pop! backwards into the hole.

We watched for about 15 minutes until he'd eaten all he wanted; then he filled the hole back in from the underside and went somewhere else.


Here's more about pocket gophers

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