Wednesday December 14, 2016

Substitute Teaching Vignettes #4

Fourth First grade

This was.... a surprise. I was expecting 4th grade.
Me (at the school office): I'm your 4th grade sub.
Woman: I didn't know either of them was out today. Mr Jones or Mr. Smith?
Me: Ms. Black?
Woman: She teaches 1st grade.
Me: (hoookay then)

Speaking of Common Core Math, the first graders were doing subtraction. Word problems. Show your work.

There are 7 frogs in the pond. 3 hop away. How many are left?
Boy: 4.
Me: OK, how did you get the answer?
(He said he counted in his head.)
Me: Can you show that? Draw frogs...
Boy: I don't know how to draw frogs!
Me: Draw circles.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the class, another word problem: There are 8 kittens. Some are black and some are white. 2 kittens are black. How many are white?

Various little girls, with various levels of artistic talent, are very carefully drawing cats on the paper.

This is what happens when 1st graders are told they need to "show their work".

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