Monday December 5, 2016

Substitute Teaching Vignettes #1

(I have begun substitute teaching)

November, 2016

From 12:30 to 12:40, I did yard duty - watching the kids at recess. My goodness, they're active!

1) A ball went over the fence and one girl figured out how to put her hand through the (wide) chain link grasp the ball (they're not well-inflated) and work it up to the top. I stood behind her and supervised because she was up on the concrete and I did not want her to fall, but with me there, I thought it would be OK. (She did NOT want help.)

2) One girl spent the entire time walking in a circle on what looks like a dodgeball grid, reading her book. Around and around.

3) One boy took it upon himself to find things that need to go to Lost & Found; I suggested he ask the other children if the jacket he found belonged to one of them.

Somewhat later:

While I was waiting for "my" class to come back up from the lower yard after recess, I was approached by two second grade girls. (1st and second grade have recess in the "upper yard".)

Apparently the Girl 1 had convinced her friend to talk to me. Other girls were picking on Girl 2. They want her to chase them; she wants to sit quietly and eat her snack. When she told them this, they didn't like it and said mean things to her. Her friend said "she didn;t get a chance to eat her snack."

I suggested that this was the other girls' problem, not hers and she could tell them she has "permission" to not play chase. If it happens tomorrow, tell the yard teacher right then.

When I said it was their problem, not hers, Girl 1 spoke up to say, "I feel sorry for people like that. They're very negative. My sister is like that."

I thought ("Wow. Go girl 1!") I said "Listen to your friend."

The next day, in the classroom:

A girl who sits in the back of the room introduced herself to me when I came in. "Are you our sub? Hello, I'm Dana." and she put out her hand to shake. (This is 5th grade).

At the end of the day, after the students were dismissed:

One boy stayed behind, gazing wistfully at the Scholastic Books box at the back of the room. He said "I want my books, but I need to sign them out and [Teacher] forgot." Unfortunately, while he knew which books were his, I didn't know where the invoice paper was, so I couldn't help. I said, "At least tomorrow is Friday. You should have them for the weekend."

I know the feeling, kid. When I was your age, my teacher always passed out the Scholastic Books delivery books first thing in the morning!

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