Sunday September 4, 2016

An Early Memory

(I wrote this essay yesterday as part of the CBEST "writing" test. The topic was "an early memory".)

My sister's birthday is tomorrow. She was born in early September, five months before I turned four.

My parents and I had traveled out of town for the weekend, to visit my grandparents, who lived about an hour and a half away. My mother has said that, had she thought the baby might arrive that weekend, she never would have left town.

I don't remember anything about the trip. I do remember waking in the middle of the night or very early morning to great hustle and bustle. My parents were going to the hospital! The baby was coming! I was to be a good girl and stay with Nana and Papa.

The next thing I remember is standing in a parking lot, waving up at my mother in the hospital window. My father had come back to the house to get me and take me over. In my memory, the hospital was brick, about four storeys tall.

My next memory is of standing on the back porch at my grandparents' house, when my dad brought my mother and the new baby back from the hospital. As my mother was coming up the steps, she stopped and turned back a fold of blanket and I had my first glimpse of my new baby sister. She had a full head of black hair!

I've been told that I said, "She's a binky baby!".

Many years have passed since that day. The black hair soon fell out and was replaced by blonde. The "binky baby" grew up and is now three inches taller than me.

We've had our ups and downs, arguments and reconciliations, as sisters do. She lives in Texas now; I live in California. We've both come a long way from our youth in Pennsylvania.

Tomorrow, I will call my sister and wish her a happy birthday. I will tell her about this memory and we'll talk about the day, many years ago, when I became a sister.

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