Thursday February 18, 2016

Cut To Shape, File to Fit

Potlid I bought a large glass jar for a project the other day at a thrift shop. There was no matching lid, but there was a tempered glass pot lid that almost fit.

The lid looked a lot like the first photo - tempered glass with a screw-in handle, a metal rim, and a 1/4-5/16" metal "collar".

With the collar, the lid was almost the same diameter as the top of the jar. This meant that it sat on the rim of the jar and wasn't very stable in that orientation.

However, because the lid was convex, I figured, worst case, we could turn it upside down and settle it into the opening in the jar that way. The handle could be removed and repositioned from the other side.

But the lid looked rather odd that way, with the metal collar sticking up. It wasn't quite... right.

Rich looked at it. We talked about what he might be able to do.

Then he took it down to the garage and used the belt sander and a rotary file to remove the "collar" and make the inside of the rim just a skosh narrower.

The lid now fits the jar as if made for it. No cracks in the glass. No sharp edges. We're both impressed.

It's amazing how even physical pre-made things can sometimes be "nudged" into other shapes or uses they weren't originally designed for.

Jar with lid Jar with lid

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