Sunday August 30, 2015

Personal Weather Stations


I'm not a weather geek like some people, but I do like to know what's going on. We get a lot of wind in our neighborhood, and we've had a wireless thermometer / anemometer running for quite a few years now. But I wanted more.


So, two years ago, when I read about the Netatmo weather station, we bought one. I like it a lot.

The Netatmo comes with two modules – one for indoor use and one for outdoor use. The indoor module measures temperature, relative humidity, air quality (CO2 ppm), and sound levels. The outdoor module measures temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and air quality.

The Netatmo comes with an app that can be viewed through a web browser or on an iPad or smart phone. Conveniently, Netatmo is also configured to connect to Weather Underground. Our setup isn't quite as useful for this as it might be, given that our outdoor station is installed on our front porch (e.g. temps are cooler on the porch). However, it was fun to join the Wunderground community of Personal Weather Stations.

Unfortunately, our Netatmo does not have either a rain gauge or a wind speed module. (A rain gauge was released recently and a wind gauge is coming soon.) Our anemometer doesn't have the ability to provide wind direction. Both devices are installed close to ground level.

I wanted to know what the different was between ground- and roof-level wind speed and we thought it would be fun to have a rain gauge. I also thought it would be nice to determine wind direction more "scientifically" than "It mostly seems to come from the west."

Ambient Weather

So we bought another weather station, an Ambient Weather WS-1000. We finally got around to installing this yesterday.

Ambient PWS Ambient weather ws 1000 wifi console

The station comes with a nice dashboard that showing indoor and outdoor temps, pressure, sun load on the roof, and more. It also tracks and saves data so you can view history. The interface is weird, but usable. The Ambient weather station is also pre-configured to talk to Weather Underground.

I do wish we had the WS-1001, as the newer model adds sunrise, sunset and moon phase to the display, including longitude and latitude. (I would;t have known about this if the site hadn't accidentally linked the WS-1001 manual to the Ws-1000 page.) The WS-1001-WiFi also adds a UV sensor. Perhaps, some day, we'll upgrade (or they'll upgrade the firmware?)

In the mean time, I'm enjoying knowing both windspeed and>direction, as well as the ability to compare wind speed at roof level to wind speed at eye-level. I'm also looking forward to rain at some point.

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