Saturday June 13, 2015

Hard As Rock!

Rich is out in the Back Forty (that's yards, not acres), working on a project.

The Idea (in theory): to attach some 4x4 boards perpendicular to the slope back there to make it possible to walk along the edge of the hill horizontally.

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In practice? Our house is on a hill made of decomposed granite. Great stuff. It has excellent drainage. Mud slides? We never get mud. Rain is gone within a minute of hitting the ground.

On the other hand, it's miserable to dig through. After we bought our house, we converted the back lawn to water-conserving garden. We rototilled down about 18" and removed all rocks larger than a golf ball. That made it possible to dig holes in the garden for planting things.

Rich is about 40 feet behind the garden, trying to pin a bunch of 8-ft 4x4s to a steep hill using 40-inch lengths of 1/2" rebar ‡. (I had suggested 2-ft lengths, but Rich thought longer would be better.) (Cue Cosmic Laugh Track).

At present, the upper 12" - 20" of each rod is still above ground. That ground is solid.

The problem isn't just that you hit a piece of rock every inch or so as you pound in the rebar. The problem appears to be that not all of the hill is decomposed granite. Out in the Back Forty, out beyond where the construction crews dug and graded when building our neighborhood, about 2 feet down its... just... granite.

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So, the current plan is to leave the rebar sticking up and attach 2x6 boards to that rebar. ‡ The available lengths were 2', 4' and 10'. The 2' lengths wouldn't have been long enough to get a good grip. The 4' lengths would have been too long. So, I bought some 10' lengths, and cut them into 40" chunks. We pounded these into the ground until they wouldn't go any further (i.e., were solidly embedded in the hillside).

With the addition of the 2x6's, this gives us a solid base and edge to the "retaining wall" on the side of the path. Or so we think. We'll see how things look after some (hoped for :-) rain this winter... 2015 06 13 15 22 48 2015 06 13 15 23 54

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