Thursday January 8, 2015


The best place to be in an earthquake is where you can say "What was that?"
-- Rick & Ruby, 1970s comedy group

I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since Sept. 1984. I've noticed several small earthquakes and one large (the Loma Prieta, in 1989). Earthquakes are "normal" here.

Buildings are designed to withstand earthquakes. We don't always succeed; every quake is different. But every time we have one, the earthquake safety code is updated and construction is improved for the next time. We know there will be a next time.

We have earthquakes in California. California has had 133 earthquakes (measuring M1.5 or greater) in the past 7 days, 547 in the past month. We "know" earthquakes here. They're as familiar as thunderstorms in Georgia.

In contrast, I grew up in central Pennsylvania, where my parents still live. Pennsylvania counted 9 earthquakes in the past year, half of which were technically in Ohio. Central Pennsylvania had a 3.0 earthquake 23 years ago.

PA quakes

My sister lives in the Dallas, TX area and works in Irving TX. The state of Texas has had 72 earthquakes in the past year; 24 of those (1/3) have been in the past month; half again (14) in the past 7 days. Of that 14, 12 were in Irving.

TX quakes

Prior to 6 months ago, there were effectively no earthquakes in the Dallas area. Four months ago, earthquakes started to occur in Irving. In the past month, there have been 22 earthquakes of M2.1 or greater registered in Irving TX.

What the heck is going on in Irving, Texas?

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