Wednesday December 3, 2014


I love brass music. From 4th through 12th grade, I played the cornet in school. I stopped playing when I graduated from High School, but I love the sound of brass instruments, trumpets and cornets in particular.

Rich and I have been going to a lot of guitar showcases, house concerts, larger concerts, over the past year or so. I like guitar too, to listen to, but, as I told Rich, I feel that if I've seen one guitar I've seen them all (aside from the wood and inlays of course).

In any case, one of the places we've discovered for musical entertainment is the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. They offer a multitude of performances, many free.

Last night's concert was the SFCM Brass Department Recital. Yeay Brass!

Most of it was enjoyable and all of the players were proficient, even when we didn't particularly care for the piece. (We didn't care for the piece the first horn quartet played. How can such mellifluous instruments make such discordant sounds? And why would you want to?)

There were 7 groups: 9 trumpet players (2 who also played flugelhorn); 4 French horns; 4 trombones; a quintet: 2 trumpets, French horn, 2 trombones; another quintet: 2 trumpets, French horn, tuba, trombone; a different group of 4 French horns; and a third quintet (trumpets, French horn, tuba, trombone) The music varied from melodic to strident but mostly likable.

I especially liked a piece called Vuelta del Fuego (Ride of Fire) composed by Kevin McKee, who describes it this way: "The idea for Vuelta del Fuego came from a love of that Mexican "Zorro" sound that mixes over-the-top romance with unabashed flair and swagger. I wrote this piece for a group that I played in at the time, the Continuum Brass Quintet, which was made up of some of the best musicians with whom I've ever played."

When I came home, I looked it up, then bought the MP3.

Good entertainment!

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