Monday November 24, 2014

Looking for Coffee in All The Right Places

Starbucks along101

We occasionally drive up into the North Bay Area (Marin and Sonoma counties) for a concert or some other entertainment. On the way up, we typically get a coffee drink for the trip before heading north. On the way back home, we'd like to do the same; however, our options are more limited in the latter part of the evening.

While there are many Starbucks along that stretch of US 101, only a handful are open after 9pm, which is when we're usually driving home. I decided to look for a list of those stores.

Starbucks has a Store locator that makes it easy to list all of the stores in a given area. I can't filter by "open late", but I could scan for closing times after 9pm. (Note: to do this, you need to use the store locator before 9pm. Otherwise, if the store has closed, the houses will not be listed. It will just say: Closed.)

StarbucksMap on101

Once I had my list of possibles, I wanted to make a map. I figured this should be "easy". I just had no idea how to do it.

Apparently, the way to do it is by using JavaScript. (Ugh). Good news: in this interconnected web-based world, there are many people who have trodden this path before. I found a nice piece of sample code which I tweaked with my own locations. And: TaDa!

The live map can be viewed here. Click on any of the map pins to see the location and closing time.

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