Thursday May 15, 2014

Aim for the Gold

Archery is the only sport I've ever loved. I took fencing, bowling, riflery, and pistol classes in college Phys Ed and I enjoyed them all, but archery was by far my favorite. I've loved it since I first tried it, in 6th grade. I was on the Archery Team for four years in college.

But, until today, it had been a Very Long Time (25 years or more, easily) since I last picked up a bow (in real life, that is; I shoot regularly in my dreams. ;-)

Today I spent a very happy hour doing something I used to do three nights a week... shooting arrows at targets.

I'm feeling happy, contented, and surprisingly energized right now.

All Thanks to Groupon

I didn't even know that Pacifica Archery existed until I tripped over a Groupon coupon! I knew there was a field archery range in Pacifica, but I've never been interested in field archery. I knew there were some indoor ranges in San Jose and the East Bay, but never quite felt like driving an hour each way...

Pacifica Archery has indoor lanes, and they're actually in Daly City, so they're in the neighborhood, about 15 minutes from my house.

I saw the Groupon in late January and bought two of them immediately. Each one is valid for three 1-hour lane and equipment rentals at 50% off the regular price. I bought them on January 24 and then just... sat on them.

I wanted to go so much that I was afraid to. I've never been good at going to something new, and this was a new place. I didn't know anything about it and I didn't know anyone there and it had been so very long and what if I put the arrow into the wall (in my very very early days at Penn State, I put an arrow into a cabinet door. :-)

The expiration date on the Groupons was May 25 and I kept mentioning it to Rich (I wanted him to come along for moral support.) This morning he said "How about this afternoon?"

It's wonderful how having a specific goal can clarify the mind. When we got back from our morning errands, I called and made a lane reservation for 4:30.

I had the most wonderful time.

I used the onsite-available equipment (wrong weight bow, wrong length arrows, crummy fletching, no sight... gasp!) but I had a wonderful time. All of the arrows but the first were in the target (the helpful instructor was very wrong about where to aim).

Rich says he enjoyed it. He did well, too. (We paid a bit extra and bought him a half hour group lesson.) I just took the offered equipment, asked for a finger tab instead of a glove, and shot.

I'm feeling amazingly contented and energized at the same time. And so very very glad that I did this.

It had been far too long. (Next time, I think I'll bring my own equipment.)

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