Tuesday January 28, 2014

This door not working.

(For those outside of the SF Bay Area, BART Bay Area Rapid Transit) is our subway/transit system)

Today's Fun on BART:

I had a meeting in SF. A train entered the station moments after I reached the platform.

The train stopped.
The doors did not open.
The doors continued to not open.
Over the speaker (from the next car) we heard "Please stand free of the doors".

Mad scramble as everyone ran to the next car.

Door Not Working When I got on, discovered the car was very full, and thought, "I bet the car with the doors that didn't open is less full." So, I walked to that one and yes, it was less full. I took a seat facing the doors.

There were bright green stickers on the insides of all (4 pairs) of doors that read: "This door not working. Use other door." Note: these were on the insides of the doors -- facing into the car.

As I rode to SF, at every stop, I watched people on the platform. They would wait, patiently. The doors would not open. Their faces would register mild concern, then surprise, then they would hear "The doors are about to close" from the next car over and they would sprint to the other cars.

Every Time.

It would have been funny on a sitcom. Not so funny in real life.

It might have helped if one of each pair of signs had faced outward, toward the platform. Then again, maybe not.

As the train approached the stop before mine, a woman in my car got up and went and stood by the doors, waiting. The bright green labels were facing her.

The train stopped. The doors did not open.

Another woman said "You can't get out that way". The woman at the doors looked up and said "Huh?"

"You can't get out that way. The doors are broken".

"Oh!" Followed by a mad sprint down the car (the long way) toward the next set of equally broken doors. I wonder she made it off the before the doors closed again.

The doors are closing. Please stand free of the doors.

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