Thursday January 16, 2014

Three Memes, Part 1 (Letter Meme)

Several memes have been running around in Facebook lately. This is one of three that I've played.

This is a letter game. Jaime M. gave me a Q. (Seriously?? Q??)

Hmmm. I can do this.


Something I hate: Quarreling

Something I like: Quail (not to eat; to watch. They're such cute birds!)

Someplace I've been: Quebec

Someplace I'd like to go: Avenue Q

Someone I know: Quinn W.

Best movie: The Quiller Memorandum (probably the only Q movie I've seen.) I've heard good things about Quantum of Solace but, for me, James Bond is not Daniel Craig.

Best band: The only band I know of that starts with Q is Queen. It's difficult to call them "the best" as I absolutely loathed "We Will Rock You" (and disliked "We Are The Champions"), so they're out... Searching... Queen Latifah is cool. I'll go with her.
((Edited a day later: My friend Creed suggested and I accept: Quincy Jones.))

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