Friday August 23, 2013

Laws, Sausages, and Coffee Drinks

Laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know how they are made.

John Godfrey Saxe, 1869

Depending on your viewpoint, you may want to add "coffee drinks" to that list.

Yesterday, I stopped by Famous Coffee Shop for a frosty cold coffee beverage. I enjoy watching the baristas (not everyone bothers). So, I was on hand to observe the making of the drink ordered just before mine, a frozen caramel coffee slush, with soy milk, no whipped cream. (The woman had spent a lot of time deciding what she wanted and I heard the order clearly.)

The barista was having an off day.

  • The drink was ordered with soy milk, but he used the "Dairy"-labeled blender.

  • The whipped cream dispenser was low on NO2 (spurt, splutter, fizzle). AFter spraying whipped cream into the sink for a while, he returned and piled it onto the drink.

  • Then he moved to add caramel drizzle
      and bumped the cup with the caramel bottle
        and everything sloshed,
          spilling whipped-creamy coffee slush onto the counter..

Apparently, wiping off the cup isn't standard procedure, but neither is making a new drink.
The barista carried the cup to the sink,
  removed most of the whipped cream,
    dumped the drink into a new cup,
      carried that back to the first counter,
        and added a fresh mound of whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

Then he passed the cup across the counter to where the heretofore oblivious customer waited.

"Caramel Frap."

      "Is this for Diane?"

"There's no name on the cup. It's a Caramel Frap."

      "...I asked for no whip. No dairy."

"Oh. Is it all right if I just scrape it off?"

The customer said "Yes", so, apparently, she isn't actually dairy intolerant.

I paused at the register on the way out (no line) and mentioned my experience to the cashier. Her first comment was "We use very hot water to rinse the blenders". (Mmmm hmmmmm.)

Her second comment was "For most people, soy milk is just a preference". Then she thought for a moment, blinked , and said "But, some people do have allergies, don't they."

I let this sink in for a moment and then said "If I was allergic to dairy, I would have been very unhappy watching that drink be made that way." and she agreed that, yes, they should probably be more careful.

I'll still be watching the baristas. If you care how your drink is made, you should too.

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