Wednesday April 17, 2013

Where Did My Rich Text Mail Go?

Up until sometime today, my incoming email was in Rich Text (HTML) mode if that's the way the sender sent it. I send my mail out in plain text, but I was happy to read mail in whatever form the sender preferred. In many cases, Rich Text really is better.

Today, something changed. I started seeing all of my incoming mail in Plain Text mode. Ugh.

Here's the difference between Rich Text and Plain Text for one type of email I get regularly -- Job Postings from

    Rich Text (Best Alternative)

    Rich Text (Best ALternative)

    Plain Text

    Plain Text alternative

I really do not want to try to read those in "Plain" text. (shudder)

It's possible to switch between the two alternatives on a message-by-message basis, using the 'View >> Message' menu. But all my messages were in PlainText; I didn't want to pull down a menu to fix each one individually. I wanted to get back to Rich Text by default.

I did some web searching and found several recommendations. Some people suggested I needed to run:

defaults write PreferPlainText 0

That didn't work.

Then I found some more recent discussions that recommended running:

defaults write PreferPlainText -bool FALSE
That didn't work either.

In frustration, I opened ~/Library/Preferences/ directly in Xcode and searched for PreferPlainText. It seems to (now?) want either YES or NO as a value.

I set the value to NO and saved, then relaunched

HTML (Rich Text) mail is back.

I still don't know what I did to make it disappear!

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