Friday March 22, 2013

Lyons to Lot: a Landmark Vanishes


The former San Bruno Lyons restaurant is... gone. As of today, it's a vacant lot.

It was something of a landmark. Lyons restaurants dated from the late 50s to mid 60s. Lyons used to be a popular 24-hour coffee-shop restaurant in this part of California. We ate there often before the chain folded back in the '90s.

The building passed hands to a Chinese buffet-style restaurant that used the same weird sign. Then "Melaka" went out of business a few years ago and the building stood empty.

Back in December or January of this year, a crew came and removed all of the shingles. We thought they were re-doing the roof. But then it stayed that way, just plywood and blue plastic, for a couple of months.

Today everything is gone.

I drove past Wednesday night at midnight on the way to pick up Rich at the airport. I can't recall if the building was there. The light was green; I was in the far lane; I didn't look.

This evening, all that's left is a concrete pad and some rubble behind a chain link fence. Building gone poof!

We pulled up to the traffic light, about even with the (non)building, and it took me a moment to process what I was(n't) seeing. I said something coherent like "Um... uh... do you see that? Where did it go?"

The mind, it is not always alert when the world changes unexpectedly. One does not expect a building to vanish into thin air with no intermediate signs of deconstruction.

I wonder what's coming next?

empty lot

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