Monday February 11, 2013

Lamp Tweaking

A few years ago, we found an interesting 5-head floor lamp at a garage sale. We're quite pleased with it. Each of the five "heads" has an adjustable goose neck, to better position the light where we want it. The switch provides several options: light upwards, downwards, all on, or all off.

When we recently decided to get a new lamp for the other end of the couch, we hoped to find something similar.


Pink lamp Target had several options in 5-headed lamps. The store didn't have any "rainbow" color schemes in stock, so we got one in pinks and purples.

The other, more important, difference between the new and the old lamp was in the position (and switching) of the heads. We rather liked having three up and two down, with up, down, and all, being options for turning lights on and off.

Harry Homeowner to the rescue!

Luckily for us, Rich finds this sort of electrical puzzle to be anything but formidable. Rich just carried it off to his workshop, my dear, where he fixed it up there, then brought it back here!

et voila


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