Sunday February 10, 2013

Emotional Intelligence and Type

Yesterday, I attended a workshop entitled "Linking Type and Emotional Intelligence for Effectiveness". The workshop was presented by Roger Pearman for BAAPT (the Bay Area Association for Psychological Type). (Flyer)

In the morning, we learned the basics of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

"The role of emotions in cognition is pervasive and ubiquitous. Perception and judgement in all its forms are affected by emotional tonalities and reactions.

Psychological type plays an essential role in understanding the emotional triggers for each individual as well as the strategies for self-management."

For one of the short exercises of the morning, Roger asked us to each consider "Emotional Hijacking and Comfort".
"Emotional hijacking occurs when emotions distract and redirect your attention. You have had this experience when you were frustrated and became angry... The emotions just overtook you.
Emotional comfort is being energized, fosucsed, positive, and absorbed in an activity in a seemingly fluid and effortless way...when you walk away from completing a task... you feel good about the moment."

Each person considered a situation when they had experienced "emotional hijacking" or "emotional comfort", as well as what they do (or could do) to reduce the intensity of the hijacking / increase the frequency of the comfort. Then we discussed at the table and, finally, a few people discussed their thoughts with the whole group.

Linking EQ and Type

In the afternoon, we explored this idea more fully with a broader exercise. Roger had brought along two decks of Visual Explorer cards, postcard-sized set photo decks used to encourage creative thinking through imagery.

Roger spread out the cards with these instructions:

  1. Each person was to select two cards, where the image on one card represents "your EQ at its best (comfort)" and the other represents your "EQ challenge (stress)".
  2. Then we divided into "type-alike" groups. For example, I was in a group with two other people with INTJ preferences.
  3. Each of us showed the others our cards without saying anything and the others were to say "If that was my picture, I would see it this way..."

These were my images

EQ comfort EQ Challenge
BAAPT201302 1 BAAPT201302 2

These were the images chosen by the other two people in my group. Notice any similarities?

EQ comfort EQ Challenge

I was impressed. We'd each picked images of multiple options, possibilities, ideas floating about, freedom, for comfort.** For challenged, each of us, looking at the other pictures, the first word that came to mind was "Stuck".

[** The other two weren't as sure about my birds at first, aligned as they are, on a wire. But I enjoy watch birds on wire;they have a lot of freedom to rearrange, move around, change position, fly off or settle...]
After we all discussed our choices in the small groups, some of the groups shared their results with the rest of the room. Several groups noticed that two people in their group had chosen the same image.

It was an intriguing exercise. I wish there had been time to explore similarities and differences further across type. After the exercise, I asked another member, with ENFP preferences, what his group had learned. He said that they all chose images with people in them for the "comfort" image and without people for the "Challenge".

What are your "emotional challenges"? Can you identify the key elements of situations that prompt feelings of "emotional hijacking"? What images come to mind?

Now, think of what makes you feel energized, comfortable, focused... What are the key elements of situations that prompt those events? What images bring those emotions into focus?

Find some photos and hang them on your wall to get you thinking...


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