Thursday June 14, 2012

In Line at the Checkout Stand

After breakfast today, we went to the grocery store to get Cheerios, bagels, tomatoes, string cheese... I avoided the muffins. I'm trying not to eat sugar.

When I got to the front, there was one other customer, a woman who had been nattering at the manager (call him Ralph) for the past 10 minutes at least (I had passed them earlier). Apparently, Ralph is a friend of hers.

She finished with him and took her groceries to the checkout counter just as I arrived.

There was only one checker.

The woman, ahead of me now, began nattering at the checker.

"How long have you been with this store? Oh you were at the other location? How do you like working with Ralph?"

The cashier said something pleasant and noncommittal.

"Could you wrap the pickles separately please, wrap them, um, put them in a plastic bag and also a paper bag, the lid is loose. I asked Ralph to loosen it. I have RA, I have trouble opening jars. I have all sorts of tools, pliers and things, in my kitchen. I bought one of those jar openers but it just slips. Sometimes I just have to go downstairs and find A Man, any man, and say 'Can I borrow your strength?'."

"I need the groceries in two bags, because of my shoulder. I have a problem with my shoulder. I've had surgery, it doesn't get better I need to talk to the doctor about it, again. Yes, no, I think this one may be too heavy, no I guess it's all right."

"I'm going to write a check. I'm trying not to use my debit card. How much over can I write a check?..."

The cashier asked.
You can write it for $25 over.

"So that would be... $57.75?"
No. $50.75
"Oh, OK. $50.75. what's the date today? The 13th? The 14th?"
The 14th.

The woman begins writing the check, still talking. "50.75".
She flips to the register part of the checkbook, still talking.
She hands the check to the cashier. The cashier puts the check in the drawer.

"Can I have that all in $5 bills?"

Then "Something something weather hot something nice summer something hot yesterday something thank you."

Then she turned her cart and headed back onto the store.

The checker started to ring up my stuff. I walked over to the credit card slider.

The clerk said "Thank you for your patience".
I said "Thank YOU for saying that."

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