Saturday June 2, 2012

Our Industrious Day

Our industrious day:
  1. breakfast at the diner

  2. fixing the garage door 1/2. The "spool" at one end had gone out of sync with its mate, causing the door to have a 1" or so gap at one end when it was "closed". Rich used vice grips with a chain jaw to twist the spool to get it back in sync.

  3. trip to Lowes for parts, new bird feeder, and 1 roll of turf grass

  4. setting up new bird feeder - fine wire mesh should hold small seed and discourage(?) woodrats from gnawing.

  5. fixing the garage door, 2/2. While working on the first part, we realized that the weather stripping was old and tearing. New weather stripping installed. arms hurt.

  6. installing a new lawn for the cats
    • buy turf
    • remove old, dead grass
    • break up dirt
    • wet down, mix, create mud!
    • place new turf
    • cover
    The kitties will not be happy to be unable to sit in their lawn for a few days.

  7. Time for a nap!

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