Tuesday January 10, 2012

Ultimate Sack

Many years ago, we had a poof (pouf) - a giant bean bag stuffed with foam instead of "beans". It wore out, we recovered it, the new covering didn't work. It's gone now.

Today we got a new one from Ultimate Sack. The cats already approve.

DSCN1235 DSCN1241

An Ultimate Sack comes compressed down as a 2'x2' cube of foam in a canvas bag.


Unzip the bag and remove the plastic-bag wrapped body of the poof - a "brick" of foam pieces in another canvas bag.

DSCN1228 DSCN1229

Then comes the fun part - opening the big bag and breaking up the compressed foam "brick" so it's soft and squodgy and settable.

DSCN1230 DSCN1231

Eventually -- voila! The foam is all separated, the bag is zipped, and the crumbly bits are swept up.


Time to put on the cover and get the stamp of approval.

DSCN1235 DSCN1241

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