Sunday January 3, 2010

A Year in Tweets

Inspired by Facebook's "Year in Status" application, I excerpted "A Year in Tweets".

♥  Happy New Year Pacific Standard Time USA! Wishing you all everything you hope for in 2009. Time to turn off lights and watch for fireworks.  ♥  Gorgeous day. Sunny. Blue sky streaked with whispy clouds. Clear as far as I can see. Sailboats dot the Bay. Perfect view. How's your day?  ♥  Oh not again! Now we're having a peanut butter scare. No reports of contaminated peanut butter in CA, but it's been pulled from the cafe. :(  ♥  Just removed a tuft of cat fur from under my trackball. Wondering how the ball has been working with that in it. A marvel of technology.  ♥  The cat says it's 4pm. At 4pm, on days when I work from home, it's "Stop Typing and Pay Attention to the Cats" time. Plus crunchy snacks.  ♥ 

♥  There's a catered meeting in the room down the hall. The lunch line snakes past my cubicle areas. Yo, people! Shhhhhh!  ♥  The catered meeting has wine. And food. And HAPPY people. Wheee! We were not invited. Door is closed. Time for headphones.  ♥  Fluffy pink cat to my left in prime belly-rubbing position. Fluffy bluegray cat to my right in perfect ear-skritching position. Bliss.  ♥  People in the park are flying a kite. It's a dragon - brightly colored with great detail. Good day for kite flying. Winds about 5mph.  ♥  A good day. A new President; a hopeful Nation. The sun is in Aquarius (it is the Dawning of the Age...). And this is my 1000th tweet. Smile!  ♥ 

♥  Happy birthday to me; I'm taking the day off. @rdmorin and I enjoyed Dim Sum for brunch. Egg rolls, pork buns, coconut jello, mango pudding.  ♥  Driving home from brunch, watched a man cross to center divider to attach (electric screwdriver) homemade garage sale sign to city signpost.  ♥  Om nom nom. Bagels and lox for brunch today. "House of Bagels" bagels; real bagels (boiled and baked) none of that bread fluff stuff. Solid.  ♥  The bad thing about having a cubicle near a window (ground floor) is the landscaping guy weedwhacking the landscaping. ZzzzMMMMmmmRRrrrrmm  ♥ 

♥  I admit to being compulsive about recyclables. I just pulled half a dozen outdated "announcements" from trash to put into recycling instead.  ♥  It's definitely Spring in San Francisco area. The ornamental plum trees have blossomed. Saw the first on Feb 2. Typical timing, every year.  ♥  Rain in the night; still raining when I woke up. I don't want to get up. I want to lie in bed with the cats and listen to the rain falling.  ♥  Me in living room; @rdmorin is preparing dinner. He won't say what; I'm guessing. Black pepper, seasoned salt, chicken... Ah. Should be yum.  ♥ 

♥  At Airport El Torito, SF. Window table. Watching planes landing in the rain. Full moon occasionally peeks through the clouds.  ♥  Spatter! It's raining hard again, wind from the NW, splashing at windows.Those of you in wetter climes don't know how special this is to us.  ♥  After a blue sky day w/ a handsome setting moon at 7am, slowly clouding for the home commute, it is now raining. Time for sleep & listening.  ♥ 

♥  On a day when I don't have to get up until 7:30, it is most unfair to be trampled by lowflying pussycats at a little before 7.  ♥  Power outage! No Internet, UPS beeping, monitors dark. Can't make breakfast. Much Worse, cat fountain is not running! Meew! Hooman failure.  ♥  Cutting up turkey for supper (hot T sandwiches). I did not slice my thumb. Still checking to confirm this (a nearer thing than I prefer).  ♥  No Work today (Co holiday) but plenty of work. Our mail server didn't come up after one power failure. Hoping to move to another box. Ugh.  ♥  From the novel I'm reading: "It had been built in 1999, funded by a massive cash donation from a past pupil who'd made good in sausages."  ♥ 

♥  11pm. Caught up on Twitter. Should go to bed. But my arm is a pillow for a snoozing kitty. I can't move. The things we do for love.  ♥  Promising morning. Drizzling rain from a lowering sky, then a rainbow (full bow!) over the train station. Redolence of chocolate in the air.  ♥  Ruummmmmble! Real thunder in SF Area, CA. Cool! (I miss Pennsylvania thunderstorms).  ♥  Playing "Bluetooth or Crazy" in train. Woman in dark glasses, hair over her ears, talking at a spot on the wall. Blackberry gives it away.  ♥  Taking today off from Work, not for fun, unfortunately. I need to do Taxes. More frost on the rooftops this morning but also a hummingbird.  ♥ 

♥  Beautiful day. Spring in the air. Birds are singing. Why do I have to Work indoors? At least I can go for a walk around the block. So I did!  ♥  Rich is down in the garage making our bagel slicer slightly wider. The smell of burnt wood is drifting up through the living room window.  ♥  ♥  Living room window open. Drizzly rain currently stopped. A happily chirrupping bird sings from somewhere nearby. (Should I say "twitters"?)  ♥  7am. Sunrise obscured by heavy clouds. Drizzling rain. Car ahead of me has license plate 1CLUTZ. Give him room.  ♥ 

♥  Today is Spring Equinox. The first day of Spring is Groundhog Day (says @Morning_Porch) and I agree! Esp. where I live; trees blossom Feb 2.  ♥  Wow! 22 mph wind with rain. From the North. Splatter all over the front windows. Sploosh!  ♥  At 3:30 I was in 5 simultaneous IM sessions. Where were you people earlier today? Told #3 "already chatting". For next two, didn't bother.  ♥  Solved all 5 requests. Didn't type in wrong windows. Everyone happy. And out the door to shuttle at 4:25. W00t. (Let's not do this again.)  ♥ 

♥  The (large) poster on a bus stop shelter in SF shows a man's face - yawning. Hello! I'm driving here. I don't need (yawn) to start yawning.  ♥  The Painted Lady butterflies are migrating north up El Camino Real. I recall the 2005 migration. They were _everywhere_  ♥  My sister is in town for 4 days of Training sessions. We're meeting her (and a coworker) in The City tonight for dinner. Should be fun.  ♥  Dear man on the train platform, bouncing (not jogging) in place. It's 07:15. Could you do that later? And somewhere else.  ♥  I'm 30min into a 'required' 90min meeting that pretty much has no relationship to my Job. I hope the Company is getting its money's worth  ♥  Some people appear totally focused on laptops. Why are they here? Why am _I_ here? The "joys" of mandatory meetings. Can't mandate value.  ♥ 

♥  Hummingbird flitting around the bottlebrush bush as I got into my car this morning. A gray day suddenly got brighter.  ♥  Visitor in the breakroom: Can you tell me which of these is coffee? Me, looking with new eyes: 4 urns, artistically labeled but not so easy.  ♥  Company packing day. The entire building population is moving across the street. Too bad; this was one of the better cubicles I've had.  ♥  Once again, the cubicle fairies have come while I was away. I never see them. Perhaps I should leave out a bowl of mocha for them?  ♥ 

♥  Working from home. The breeze through the window smells like honeysuckle and other good things. Two ravens are having a noisy discussion.  ♥  There's a daycare near our house. One of the adults is blowing soap bubbles. It's windy. Soap bubbles are flying down our street at ~10mph.  ♥ Much value in walking away from a problem for a bit. Before lunch: banging my head on JavaScript. After: Oh. I have two forms w/ same name.  ♥  It's a bad dream when you dream you have a headache and you're taking Excedrin. Good news: I didn't have a headache when I woke up.  ♥ 

♥  In my rearview mirror this morning, a pickup truck at the gas station forgot to disconnect the nozzle before driving. Breakaway hose FTW!  ♥  I upgraded my aged Palm OS smartphone today to a Motorola Droid. Resisting temptation to play since noon. Now off Work and it's Play Time!  ♥  Chex mix; taste from childhood available on the grocer's shelf. We didn't use bagel chips; they don't use Cheerios, but close. I added nuts!  ♥  My New Year's tradition since moving to California: call my parents in Pennsylvania at 9pm PST to say Happy New Year! (How's it look? :-)  ♥ 

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