Thursday December 31, 2009

2009 in Review

Japan and Europe are already in 2010. As I write this, California has 4 hours to go.

I keep a journal — started in College (real paper notebooks), stopped for many years, then picked up again in 2003 (this time electronic). So, at this time of year, I can look back and see: what happened this year?

Here are some of the highlights from my view of 2009.

  • The Great Peanut Butter Panic of '09 interfered with my breakfast choices for a week.

  • Parking for the Millbrae BART lot went from free to $1/day.

  • We transferred our internal email toaster services from a blue G3 to a Mac mini.

  • The Company underwent a major re-org.

  • Our grocery store underwent major remodeling.

  • We ordered (and read) all of the Eve Dallas books, by J. D. Robb.

  • My sister came to SF for a week of training classes.

  • The Painted Lady buterflies migration came north through our neighborhood.

  • I started taking every other Wednesday afternoon off.

  • At Work, everyone in my building moved across the street to a different building.

  • My sister rented a new house. I packed and shipped my stoneware (loved but unused) to her as a housewarming gift.

  • The Exchange server at Work stopped accepting my password. I was finally switched to Exchange 2007 (after a week of frustration).

  • A Farmers Market started downtown on Sundays.

  • I started working from home every Wednesday (3 days a week)

  • I re-activated my Facebook account, primarily so I can see my sister's posts.

  • We switched from our old credit union to a new (local) CU.

  • I set several bills to go paperless.

  • Our hot tub is back together and working (after a couple of years offline).

  • Discardia rules: We got rid of a lot of stuff through Freecycle and craigslist: two arm chairs, my old smartphone, a Pleo, a JVC CD / radio "lo fi", two sets of novels, a desk, and more.

  • We also got industrious with software and hardware. We packed up a beige G3 and monitor plus a carload of computery & electronics stuff and took it to Weirdstuff for recycle or resale.

  • The Bay Bridge lost a cable and a piece of metal rod, closing the Bridge during rush hour and for several days after. No serious injuries but lots of commuter stress. We were thankful that we don't use the bridge much.

  • Rich started a new contract programming gig.

  • We replaced our aging (and unreliable) Lexmark printer with a new Brother color laser printer.

  • My family visited us in California for Thanksgiving.

  • We attended the Leopards Etc. Fall program with my Mom & Dad.

  • My sister ran in the Golden Gate Turkey Trail Trot.

  • I spent a bad weekend with Food Poisoning. :-(

  • Snow on Mt. Diablo and on the ridge behind Milpitas.

  • 7-layer Bars are back! (at Peets at Mollie Stones)

  • I discovered Chimes Orange Ginger chews.

  • I bought a Motorola DROID and have been enjoying playing with Android Market.

  • PG&E replaced our gas meter (and everyone else's too).

  • Two Weeks Away from Work!

Happy New Year!

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