Saturday October 24, 2009

Ignored By a Cat

You're nobody until you've been ignored by a cat.

I was lying in bed this morning, thinking about getting up. The cat, who had been loving on me for the past half hour, was now curled next to me, performing his morning ablutions. I was relegated to the role of cat furniture. I was being ignored by the cat.

But was I?

I realized, as I thought more about it, that the quote isn't quite accurate. You're never, truly, ignored by a cat. Cats are the ultimate multitaskers. Cats are constantly paying attention to everything.

A cat can hear the can opener three rooms away. He knows when a fly comes into the room, a bird flies past outside, or his sisfur cat walks down the hall.

A cat may appear to be ignoring you (and everything else) but his ears are always perked. His eyes are never entirely closed. He knows what's going on around him.

Think of the words most often applied to cats: curious, contemplative, intent, observing. A cat is always watching. Cats are masters of attention, even when they appear to be engrossed in something else.

Rich came up with a nice pithy description. The cat isn't ignoring you. Rather, cats lull you into a false sense of obscurity.

You have been warned.   >^..^<

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