Wednesday July 29, 2009

Jumping Through Hoops

Rich and I joined a new Credit Union yesterday. There were various reasons, summarized as: the other CU annoyed us one time too many and the new one has a branch near our house (instead of 40 miles away).

We want overdraft protection on the checking accounts. Overdraft protection is handled by Savings and then by credit card. So, we will each apply for a CU Visa card. How difficult could that be?

Rich is self-employed, so they want to see a copy of his tax returns (front page and Sched C) for the past 2 years. I'm a W-2 FTE, so they want a copy of my pay stub.

Problem: I have paperless direct deposit. But paystubs are accessible online... How difficult could it be?

Unfortunately, I haven't accessed the online system in nearly 3 years. So my login had expired. Before I could re-register, I had to contact the payroll group and have them re-enable my access. That took a few hours (send email, wait...)

Then I could register. To do that, I needed to supply:

  • my SSN
  • my employee ID (aka HR "stock number" (scary term))
  • date of birth
  • date of hire
Three out of four of these are available in the company directory for most people. That's mildly disconcerting. But, no one could guess my SSN, right? (And I don't publish my birthday.)

Then I was required to choose 3 stupid "security" questions and provide answers. I won't use this space to rant on how insecure these "security" questions can be...

Then I was asked to choose a user ID. It had to be 8 - 35 characters long (which let out several choices I would be more likely to remember).

Then I chose a password. This must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one each: capital alpha, lowercase alpha, numeric, special char. I wrote it down. (What?)

Finally I was registered, and in, and could select to view and print my most recent paystub. Whoopee!

After that, I logged out and, most likely, will not access the site again for another 3 years.

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