Sunday July 5, 2009

Yacker Tracker

My new cubicle at the Job is in a noisy area. How noisy? Yacker Tracker can tell me.

We were looking for just this thing. And we found it.


The Yacker Tracker appears to be a traffic signal, but actually signals too much noise. Just select the appropriate level of noise for any given situation and let the Yacker Tracker be a visual and audio reminder when the noise level gets too high!

Yacker Tracker Features Include:

  • Three lights (red, yellow and green).
  • Approx. 17-1/8" high.
  • Runs on 120 volt AC power (transformer included)
  • Adjustable sound level meter can be set from 50dB to 110dB and has a working range of 50dB to 125dB.
  • Stands upright or hang on a wall
Green light stays lit until noise in room goes above set level (determined by user). Green light then goes off and flashing yellow light comes on as a warning. When sound level reaches 15dB above set level, the red light and (optional) siren sound comes on.

I'm not using the siren in my cubicle. :-)

Rich and I didn't like the standalone base it came with (it seemed potentially tippy) so Rich made me a more sturdy and solid base plate. The Yacker Tracker sits on a shelf in my cubicle.

By the way... How loud is too loud? Take a look:

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