Wednesday July 1, 2009

Catching Up

I haven't been updating my weblog very often. No special reason; I just haven't felt like there was anything to write. Nevertheless, there have been things going on...

In February, the Company had a major re-org. I'm now part of a new Division that never existed before. We report up through a new senior VP but, basically, my job and those of my team mates remains unchanged. C'est l'emploi.

In March I had my annual Job Review. Overall, quite good. I taught two TWiki classes: Fundamentals and Advanced, at Work. Our grocery store started major interior renovations. We ordered all of the Eve Dallas books (by J.D. Robb). And the Painted Lady buterflies migrated north up El Camino Real.

In April (actually the end of March) my sister came to SF for a week of training classes (and visited with us for the weekend. A change to the Twitter API broke pyTwerp and hence, my Twitter Reader application; I fixed the problem in my Perl front-end code. I bought a Gotta Hop Bunny from Hallmark. I started taking a half day off from Work every other Wednesday, working at home that morning. We had the first heat wave of the season. And... another re-org at the Job (our team is now global and about 4 times larger.)

In May, I found a buyer for the hp mininote that I really wasn't using; I'm just going to have to hold out for a Mac netbook (sigh). We went to the O'Reilly MakerFaire. And we found out that everyone in my building at The Job would be moving across the street in June.

In June, my team moved to a new building; it's larger and noisier. My sister moved into a new (rental) house and I shipped her my set of stoneware (well-loved but never used) as a house-warming gift. At Work, I taught another set of TWiki classes (this time broken up into Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced). And the Exchange server at Work started rejecting my password for POP or IMAP email -- it took over a week for the right people to believe me (it was a server problem!) and fix it.

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