Sunday May 31, 2009

Twitterings - May 2009

These are my Twitter entries for May.

  • Back from vet visit #2 for the week. All cats checked up. over, and out. Eldest kitty had xray; now on feline glucosamine/chondroitin. Meow! 10:03 AM May 1st from Twidget

  • @megfowler Why do fun, hilarious, bright, special people on Twitter protect their updates? *sigh* (cannot read @Kath1213) 10:08 PM May 1st from web in reply to megfowler

  • To me. it feels like people who protect their Twitter updates are just blocking out the rest of us en masse. I just don't get it. Why? 10:10 PM May 1st from web

  • They light up using the ghost power radiating from the wires overhead. RT @inhabitat: ECO ART: Field of beams 11:37 AM May 2nd from Twidget

  • @lindasusan @TimothyBlack: Purell and other sanitizers aren't just "antibacterial". > 60% Alcohol-based kills "germs" 12:05 PM May 2nd from web in reply to lindasusan

  • Info on why alcohol-based hand sanitizers are recommended agansit flu virus. And no, they're not just "anti-bacterial" 12:08 PM May 2nd from Twidget

  • Stop sign at bottom of hill repositioned. Previous "STOP" & yellow line on street painted over. Non-waterproof paint... It's been raining. 2:32 PM May 2nd from Twidget

  • @lwaldal Worse for me than "you talk to much" was 6th grade teacher who said "You ask too many questions." I've never forgotten; that hurt. 2:42 PM May 2nd from web in reply to lwaldal

  • @clapifyoulikeme - Ooh. Nice giant stuffed turtle. Probably does not like water closer than that bottle though. 9:02 PM May 2nd from TwitPic

  • Drizzly Sunday. It's a good day to stay indoors, snuggle kitties, read, nap. What does your day look like from here?8:56 AM May 3rd from Twidget

  • Dear co-worker. Please close the meeting room door _before_ you initiate the conference call. "Welcome to The Conferencing System" is loud. 9:32 AM May 4th from Twidget

  • Name changes can be problematic. Now using a variable for the dept/team name in our Wiki. Something I should have thought of two years ago 1:28 PM May 4th from Twidget

  • A "visual feast of pixel art" - provides Sim-City style maps of 21 cities in China. 10:11 AM May 5th from Twidget

  • Eldest kitty has been haaving trouble jumping. Rx glucoisamine. Also, I put footstool next to my desk. Now boinkboink and he's up and happy. 3:31 PM May 5th from Twidget

  • ooh. Tiny fluffy feathered creatures! RT @clapifyoulikeme Hey, guys? It's a tiny owl cam. 3:38 PM May 5th from Twidget

  • The Mac OS X spelling checker did not know "wonky". But when I clicked "look up in dictionary" the online dictionary had the word. Wonky. :) 8:29 PM May 8th from Twidget

  • Halfway through reading #TwitterBook by @timoreilly and @SarahM. Well-designed, fun format, up-to-date, smart. 3:13 PM May 16th from Twidget

  • quotidian: an uncommon word that means "ordinary" or "commonplace". A rarely-seen word that means "daily". #funwithwords 3:27 PM May 16th from Twidget

  • We took this one better and use one roll of turf for the kitties. RT @inhabitat Grass For Your Home or Office Desk 4:04 PM May 16th from Twidget

  • @trapwire Problem with the poll. I don't (personally) want those replies. BUT I disagree with Twitter turning off the option this way. 9:04 PM May 17th from web in reply to trapwire

  • Rich just tested some "special garlic pickle". It smells like curry. Curry makes me ill. I'm staying far away and tryng not to breathe much. 9:06 PM May 17th from Twidget

  • Visitor in the breakroom: Can you tell me which of these is coffee? Me, looking with new eyes: 4 urns, artistically labeled but not so easy. 9:11 AM May 18th from Twidget

  • New: Purell dispensers in Company restrooms. I appreciate the thought but wonder.They're within 3 steps of ample hot running water and soap! 7:52 PM May 18th from Twidget

  • Asked WolframAlpha: What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow? It assumed African. "there is unfortunately insufficient data to estimate". 8:03 PM May 18th from Twidget

  • We call this "The Cosmic Laugh Track". RT @sacca: One min after finally reporting my credit card lost, I found my wallet. 8:48 PM May 18th from Twidget

  • Years ago, my HS Bio teacher dropped a test on my desk, saying "There's A Rat in Separate." I've never forgotten. Thanks @TWalk for memory. 9:25 PM May 18th from web

  • Etiquette question: When someone down the hall is whistling loudly and out of tune, do you ask them politely to stop or get out earplugs? 1 2:47 PM May 21st from Twidget

  • @dahliapkitten Our kitty family all likes having their fur rubbed both ways. And 3 of 4 like having face covered, w/ nose in human's palm. 1:45 PM May 21st from web in reply to dahliapkitten

  • Thanks to @mousewords I have discovered Special K Chocolate..."purely awesome". Oh, it is. It is. 1 0:00 PM May 21

  • Quiet afternoon on the couch. Laptop on my lap. Kitty head pillowed on right hand. Typing with left hand (but rt can use track pad). Purrs.12:38 PM May 23rd

  • Finished reading "The Trouble with Demons", latest in series by @lisashearin. Sword & sorcery fantasy. Fun. Good people. Recommended. 4:46 PM May 26th

  • Also finished "The Traveler" by John Twelve Hawks. Not sure how I feel about this one. Interesting premise but odd tone. Have you read it? 4:48 PM May 26th

  • CA Supreme court upholds prejudice, bigotry, ignorance, and thoughtlessness today. A sad decision for humane people anywhere. #rejectprop8 1:55 PM May 26th

  • RT @QueenofSpain: Not for my children. Not for my civil rights. Not for the common good of anyone I KNOW. #suckit National Org for Marriage 1:52 PM May 26th

  • Company packing day. The entire building population is moving across the street. Too bad; this was one of the better cubicles I've had. 10:12 AM May 27th

  • OMG! Talk about a "Princess phone". It has FUR. And Rhinestones! 1:22 PM May 29th

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