Saturday July 25, 2009

Budget Calendar

I just discovered a great little piece of software: Budget Calendar from MiShell Software Systems. It's available for Mac, Linux, and Windows. It's inexpensive but not cheap!

Rich and I have been talking about tracking our expenses more closely. I already make notes in a notebook. We were thinking of adding a spreadsheet to calculate types and totals.

I decided to look for a simple calendar application that I could mark with the days we go out for meals, to get an overview of what we do and how often. I found a couple of options (see Mom's Calendar for Mac OS if you want something like that.) But I also found Budget Calendar. It turns out this is what I was really looking for; I just didn't know it!

Budget Calendar Bc Additem Pane Bc Fullsummary


  • item-by-item data entry
  • click on a day to add an entry
  • one-button mouse (single-click) support
  • categories
  • optional repeating payments
  • full or summary (by category) report
  • daily balance shown (when will you go over your budget?)
  • multiple forecasting options
  • export to Excel
  • track income or outflow
  • optional icons (customizable; add to the set)
  • fully customizable fonts and colors

Simple. Easy to use. Elegant UI. Terrific idea. Great price. Why has no one done this before?

30-day demo available. $14.95 registration price.

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