Friday January 30, 2009

Wasting Time in Twitter?

On Jan 8, in TwiTip, Darren Rouse posted an article entitled "How to Stop Twitter Becoming a Waste of Time".
“Twitter is a Waste of Time” - it is a criticism that has been leveled at Twitter many times over and while I’m one of Twitters biggest fans I’m also in agreement that Twitter can be a compete waste of time. I’ve wasted time on Twitter and I’ve seen many others do it. In fact recently when I asked my followers about the topic I found that most people could relate to the idea of wasting time on Twitter.

So how do you stop yourself from letting Twitter become a waste of time?

The article is a good one and most of the comments are reasonable. I recommend reading it. Here's my comment, for the record:

Define “waste of time”. As Shefaly said, ‘a bad workman blames his tools’. Twitter isn't the problem. This is the age-old problem of Time Management combined with one more thing.

If you’re spending your time on Twitter to the exclusion of something else you need to do, you need to ask yourself why the other thing isn’t holding your attention? Bored at work? Procrastinating? Not enough to do?

If you didn’t have Twitter, what else might you “waste” time on? Television? Talking to co-workers? Email? Mindless tasks? If you’re avoiding what you should be doing, Twitter isn’t to blame. The problem has a deeper root.

I read Twitter on my daily commute or in the evenings when relaxing. Sometimes it’s Twitter; other times I read a book. During the work day, I dip into Twitter on occasion but, if I find myself turning frequently to Twitter (or email) I know it’s not Twitter causing the problem. I “waste” time in Twitter only when I have an excess of time with nothing else to do in it.

Ask yourself: why is this all that comes to mind to do with this time?

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