Saturday November 22, 2008


I've been using ecto, a Mac OS X desktop blog-posting application, for several years. I like it a lot. At least, I like ecto version 2.

Recently, the original author sold ecto to a new company that has rewritten it from scratch. I do not like the new ecto 3.

There are nitpicky annoyances — I prefer to have the list of categories on the right side of the screen. Why is the Excerpt section so small (and not resizable)? And where did the "Preview" toolbar item go?!

There are technical annoyances — none of the ecto 2 settings can be seen by or imported into ecto 3. For all intents and purposes, this is a completely new app. (Um, I'm a programmer. I know you can write an importer!) If I'm going to use a new app, maybe there's something I'd like better than ecto.

There are usage annoyances — ecto 2 has a powerful yet easy to use image uploader. I always considered this one of the most impressive features. ecto 3... doesn't have this. Not powerful. Not easy to use. Pretty lame, actually, imho.

There are aesthetic annoyances — the new "Adjust Time" dialog is a transparent black overlay on top of the text entry window. Ugh. (I hate white text on black and I don't like transparent overlays in any color scheme.) The new "About box" is just Too Over the Top ™.

In short, I'm still using ecto 2. When and if it stops working on a future version of Mac OS X, I'll investigate alternatives. Who knows... By that time, ecto may have changed hands again, or, at least grown up a little.

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