Saturday November 1, 2008

Weekly Wrap-up 2008_44

The weather was autumnal. Chill mornings, warm afternoons, cool nights. We got some rain on the 30th and 31.

We finally applied for permanent absentee ballots and voted by mail. This is an important election. Have you voted?

I've been doing more TWiki training, with three sessions for my department in the past 3 weeks.

Speaking of TWiki, the TWiki project has forked with acrimony and name calling. Bleah. :(

Caltrain had another "incident"; this time it happened before I arrived at the station. So I went back to the parking lot, got in my car and drove to Work.

The trip down wasn't too bad. There were a few slow spots and it was a bit crowded in places but, overall, nothing nasty. After all, it was "only" 7:10 when I started.

I arrived almost half an hour before my usual time. There was plenty of parking space available, hardly anyone in my group was there, and most of the lights were not on yet. Weird.

Of course, I had to drive home too. I had a meeting at 4pm; it started to rain at 3:30. At 4pm, I left the meeting, logged out, packed up and headed out to the car. I wanted to get as much of a head start on the traffic as I could.

It took me 50 minutes to get home. It rained on and off. At least it was still light out and, except for one section of freeway, largely uncrowded. If I do this agin, remind me not to try to take Hwy 85 south(west) bound at 4:00.

The Company is raising prices on about 1/3 of the cafeteria items next week, including toast. Toast will go from 25 cents per slice to 50 cents per slice. (That means a loaf of bread would cost $9.)

While I understand restaurant economics, this is serve-yourself toast. I open the bag, take out the bread, put the bread in the toaster, wait for it to pop, butter it as desired, and put it on my own plate (or a disposable plate). There is no labor to pay for. Toast is essentially free. Doubling the price is extortionate. And I will stop buying toast most days. This is sad because it's very good bread, not available in my local grocery.

So the company will raise the price, annoy the employees, and likely sell less. How is this a win?

Thursday night, we went out to dinner. We had to change our choice of restaurant because the power was out in that block.

After dinner, we drove past the Mall, a few blocks away, and now the power was out there. It was odd to see such a large area so dark.

Some power had been out downtown, a few blocks away, earlier.

It rained on Friday but was mostly dry for Trick or Treat.

We had our usual Halloween - porch light off, blinds drawn, few lights in the front of the house. There are few kids in our neighborhood so it's not worth planning for Trick or treaters and the cats don't like the extra activity. So we opt out.

Rich took the opportunity of a quiet evening to back up his disk and start the upgrade to Mac OS X Leopard.

This fortnight I read The Summer Country, a fantasy by James Hetley. I also read The Malcontenta, a British mystery/police procedural by Barry Maitland. The latter was quite good and I've been looking for others in the series.

In between and around the rest, I've had nearly enough naps and oodles of snuggles with the cats. There have been good meals and interesting conversations with Spouse and friends. I've chatted with my sister and found topics to twitter.

Onward and Upward.

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