Friday October 24, 2008

Vote By Mail

For years, I've been meaning to file for a permanent "Vote by mail" ballot. I never got around to it, mostly because our polling place was so close.

But last year, the polling place moved to a public school a few miles away. And the city went to "electronic voting machines" (wow. 1980s technology. How very disappointing. :(

And also, this year, I care more about the outcome of the election than I have in... forever, I think. So, I'm impatient. I want to record my vote and be done with it.

Therefore, earlier this month, I finally filled out the application (trivial; it's on the web) and got my ballot-by-mail last week. Rich liked the idea so he applied too; his ballot came yesterday.

As of today, we've both voted. Can I hibernate until Nov 5 now?

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