Tuesday September 9, 2008

Twitterings - August 2008

These are my Twitter entries for August.
  • The problem with trying to troubleshoot and debug code when you're sleepy is: you make Really Stupid Mistakes and can't see them. ... August 01, 2008

  • @jemmons- Say what you will about Microsoft software, Excel it's actually a pretty well-designed and -written application. August 01, 2008

  • I'm having good luck with the cats' current lawn. Frequent watering, frequent trimming, and letting it "rest" help! http://bit.ly/32wNC1 August 01, 2008

  • @KathySierra- Aw, what a wonderful horsefriend. Cat people relate to the clip too. He's just a big pussycat! I wanna rub all that mane too! August 01, 2008

  • Combing (mewwwwww!) knots out of Mezzaluna's fluff. Mezzaluna's fur is made of cotton candy and will-o-the-wisps and spider silk. (meep. mew) August 03, 2008

  • Sitting on the couch w/ cat on my arm. Reading. Rich comes in, asks question about TWiki project. Answered. Back to reading, cat. Sunday. August 03, 2008

  • RT @lizhenry: cats are so great. i mean, we get these *animals*. it's like getting to have our very own otters... animals! in our houses! August 04, 2008

  • http://twitpic.com/6lrg - I tried out screen sharing in Mac OS X Leopard. Actually usable when not scaled. (4 displays: 6560 x 1200 pix.) August 04, 2008

  • @lizhenry- I have often thought the same thing. This is a little Animal In My House. How great that cats (and dogs) choose to live with us. August 04, 2008

  • http://twitpic.com/6lrg - I'm viewing this from a 12" G4 laptop. Laptop resolution is 1024 x 768. So choices are too small to read or lots of scrolling. Fun! August 04, 2008

  • Retweet: @briansolis- Re-Introducing The Conversation Prism - http://tinyurl.com/5chmt5, please share! (vlb: Nice. And it includes TWiki!) August 05, 2008

  • Watching Mezzaluna rolling in catnip. What's this? Oooh. It's my tail! I will chew on it. Tummy tummy tummy. Now I'll lick my foot.Meep! August 05, 2008

  • RT @kathysierra: "Job happiness" should not have a single point of failure... but too often it ALL depends on your current boss. (vlb: yes) August 07, 2008

  • Our shuttle driver's last day is tomorrow. He's been driving for the Company for 5yrs but new shuttle vendor cut his hours, pay, & breaks. August 07, 2008

  • 7:30 am to 2:45 pm without a break is just wrong. Is that even legal? I'll miss him. He's a good driver. Never late. Knows the alt. routes. August 07, 2008

  • @kathysierra: many people feel threatened by change, even improvements. Change is always different. Status quo is safe. "Better" may not be. August 07, 2008

  • I want to go to our local grocery in-store bakery and get a chocolate chip muffin. Or two. I am fighting this. Must not think of chocolate. August 08, 2008

  • Amusing bug w/ Yelp.com. I set primary location as "San Francisco Peninsula, CA ". Yelp converted to "Peninsula Ave, San Francisco, CA". August 08, 2008

  • Does your cat have a pillowpet? @dispascoposted Cider's toy. http://tinyurl.com/5augct ; Our Bebop has one too http://tinyurl.com/6eudta August 08, 2008

  • @SenorDanimal- your cross-eyed beast is definitely Teh Cute! Love the transmogrofier too. We need to get you a floppy dogpillowtoy! August 08, 2008

  • Fantastic photos of Olympics opening ceremonies, from Boston.com, shared by @krynsky. I'm imagining the drumming. Wow. http://bit.ly/1P5nW6 August 09, 2008

  • I just ordered my signed & sketched copy of Girls With Slingshots Volume One (2nd edition)! -- http://www.gwscomic.com -- I love the strip! August 10, 2008

  • Have you ever stopped and really listened to a discussion in a meeting, or read a line in email, and said to yourself "this is NOT English". August 13, 2008

  • Example: `copy shms to C box in gold'. People here actually understand this. Worse(?), I half understand this. But it's so very NOT English. August 13, 2008

  • There's a large meeting down the hall. They just broke for (late) lunch and the line stretches down to the cubicle area. Yammeryammer. Shhh! August 13, 2008

  • Chatting to my sister abut Twitter. She's wondering "Why do these random twitters follow me? Who are they?" She has 34 followers. Marketing? August 14, 2008

  • @twelvesquared: Last time we had a fire drill, a co-worker saw our Safety team gathering & warned us. I went for a walk in the parking lot. August 15, 2008

  • Honest spam subject: "You do not want to buy unknown them at strange stores". True. I also do not want to read unknown them at strange site. August 15, 2008

  • When I was 5, I liked wearing empty glasses frames. We knew I'd eventually need glasses. Didn't get lenses till third grade. #thewaywewere August 15, 2008

  • My elementary school cafeteraia had good food. Peanut butter & honey sandwiches. Chocolate drop cookies. Great meat loaf. #thewaywewere August 15, 2008

  • @lwaldal I agree with Lucy. "Chasing the chocolate around my mouth" is the best way to enjoy chocolate. She's a true connoisseur at four! August 15, 2008

  • I've been enjoying @megfowler's #thewaywewere Tweme! I posted two today on Twitter, then wrote up a weblog entry. http://tinyurl.com/5k6jpb August 15, 2008

  • I don't want to replace my Twitter image with a Mangavatar but I did create one. It took three tries. Here 'tis: http://tinyurl.com/59r3km August 16, 2008

  • Feline preventive dental care involves smearing anti-plaque gel on teeth once a week. "Gel" has consistency of chapstick. Kitteh sez: blech! August 17, 2008

  • We come to this Salvadorian restaurant once a month or less. Always order the same thing. Waitress (owner?) remembers. Are we so memorable? August 17, 2008

  • There is a housefly in the living room window. It has Bebop's rapt attention. He caught it once, but it got away again. I can haz fly pls? August 17, 2008

  • Guacamole with lunch. Avocado in my sandwich for supper. I grew up in central Pennsylvania with no avocados. I'm making up for all I missed. August 17, 2008

  • The fly has left the window and is buzzing the living room ceiling. Bebop is entranced. Simple entertainment for kitteh - let in a BUG! August 17, 2008

  • Our CU has changed our account numbers. No well-in-advance warning. Just a note on the July statement. Numbers changed Aug 9. New checks. :( August 19, 2008

  • WANT! -- ICHCheezburger: itteh bitteh sleepeh committeh http://tinyurl.com/5gsead August 19, 2008

  • Slipped while exiting the shuttle bus this morning. I hold the handrail so I didn't fall. But feet should stay on steps, not slide. Twitchy. August 20, 2008

  • I tried Chuzzlehttp://www.popcap.com/games... but every time three exploded (eek!) I just couldn't take it (eek). Poor fuzzballs! (eek) August 21, 2008

  • So... stopthemanga.com says "You are not a sheep!" Am I the only one wondering when (if) we'll start seeing people posting goofy sheep pix? August 21, 2008

  • In the grand musictweet tradition: "I wanna go home. I wanna go home. Oh, how I wanna go home." Unfortunately, I have 2 hours of Work left. August 21, 2008

  • Sister and parents visit this weekend. Sister's flight ETA approx. 1.5 hours. I'm using http://flightaware.com to track progress. Cool site! August 22, 2008

  • Visited @sfzooon Saturday. Otters: awesome synch swimming. Prairie dogs: munchmunchmunch. Sumatran tiger cubs: sleepycute; awwww. Snorgle! August 25, 2008

  • Sister headed home today. Parents on side trip to visit Mom's sister in AZ, returning Thurs to me. I'll have 3 days of Work, then off again. August 25, 2008

  • Changed automatic payment details for credit cards due to checking acct # changes. Ten steps for each card/account = nine too many! Grumble. August 26, 2008

  • @jrnoded: "should there be a max age for president?" Presidency ages people terribly. Req: good health and best chance of finishing term. August 30, 2008

  • Parents visiting this week. Sitting in living room. Mom is reading. Dad is snoring. No need to be "entertaining". The visit's what counts. August 31, 2008

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