Friday September 5, 2008

Weekly Wrap-up 2008_36

My parents and sister were in town for the weekend of Aug 23. Poor sister; it was cool (possibly, one could say, chilly). And foggy.

The following weekend was warm. This is the Way of Weather in the SF Bay Area.

Sister went for a run on Saturday morning. Mom and I went down to pick her up about half an hour before we guessed she'd be finished. We took a walk, turned back at our estimated halfway point... and sister caught up with us as we were reaching the entrance to the trail.

Excellent timing.

What to do in the afternoon? I suggested a trip to the Zoo. They have baby tigers. :)

We were going to see the Autumn Leopards Etc program on Sunday but &#*$@ Foothill College a) decided to turn off all the power today on campus that day, b) is remodeling the usual auditorium, and c) Did NOT TELL the people who run the program ahead of time! So they (and their cats) drove 2 hours down from the North Bay just to learn that there would be no program... and to turn all the potential attendees away. Rasin Frasin grumble grumble.

Sister returned home on Monday. Parents flew to Arizona to visit my aunt (Mom's sister) for a few days, then returned to visit us again.for the following weekend.

TWiki Tech Support amusement (caution: geekish humor ahead. May not be accessible to all audiences.).

A user wrote to twiki-admin: "Help. I have inadvertently locked myself out of my web." So, I looked at the WebPreferences. Things _seemed_ OK. But the page history said there had been a change. Then I did a raw view and saw:

   * Set ALLOWWEBVIEW = <BobSmith>
OK. That won't work.

(Proper syntax is to use a TWiki name, which does not get wrapped in HTML <tag> characters. Interesting side effect though. The HTML vanished in the browser and the page was well and truly locked.)

Speaking of TWiki...

I gave a TWiki introduction presentation to 6 people from the another team last week. I think it went well and I have ideas for improving my training slides.

Excitement last Friday.

At about 9:30 pm, there were sirens. Then flashing lights down the street. Then a police car drove up the street and blocked our street at the next cross-street above the house. Lots of lights down the hill, with a spotlight on a house on the north side of our street.

Eventually, things seemed to be calming down. Cars were coming up the street. I took Mom & Dad back to their motel at 10:30. We passed a fire truck, a PG&E truck and a police car down the hill. The firemen were rolling up the hose. There was water in the street. Electrical fire? Downed line?

We never saw smoke and nothing the next day to indicate there had ever been a problem. Nothing like having a fast emergency response team.

We attended the Millbrae Art & Wine Festival last weekend. We enjoy this one because it's relatively close to us.

There was a funnel cake booth. I saw it just as we got to the fair. Yeay!.

It was an eclectic booth. Funnel cakes. Polish sausages. Hamburgers. Pupusas. We tried one of the pupusas they were...odd. But then, the man in the booth said these were "Pupusas made by Hungarians". (If you don't know pupusas,... they're a Salvadorian food specialty. :)

After they handed me my funnel cake, I sat the plate on the table in front of the booth (where the ketchup and things are) so I had my hands free to get my wallet. A woman walking by stopped, then reached down and broke off a piece of funnel cake and popped it into her mouth. I guess she thought this was a sample plate. Okaaay. I just watched, bemused.

After she walked on, I picked up my plate.

There was one booth at the fair where a woman was selling pictures (10x12 and larger) that she had created using bits of wood, dried leaves, fern, etc. — all natural materials. She "drew" trees, bushes, and landscapes. They were lovely. Also more affordable than I might have expected. But where would we put one? (We already own more art than wall space.)

We had a pleasant Labor Day weekend. My parents flew home on Tuesday morning (and I went back to Work.)

This fortnight we watched Meet The Robinsons ("I have a Big Head and Little Arms!"). The story was overly juvenile in spots (the Robinson family is insane) but also fun. The fun won.

We also watched the first two "Librarian" movies: Quest for the Spear and Return to King Solomon's Mines. These are terrific. If you haven't seen these yet - find them!

In between and around the rest, I've had nearly enough naps and oodles of snuggles with the cats. There have been good meals and interesting conversations with Spouse and friends. I've chatted with my sister and found topics to twitter.

Onward and Upward.

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