Saturday September 6, 2008

What I Love About Twitter

Last night, we were having dinner with friends at a local Chinese restaurant. Toward the end of the meal, I thought I felt the table... shift... slightly. Maybe? Small quake?

I told myself to check the 'Net when I got home. Then I forgot all about it. Until I was reading my Twitter stream today, catching up.

(Starting a little before 2100 PDT)

  • apenny: earthquake!
  • caroline: i felt that. did you?
  • Veronica: Whoa, that was an exciting one! Shaky shaky!
  • stoweboyd: just felt an earthquake i think
  • tedr: earthquakes are wicked
  • alissa: Posting the obligitory earthquake tweet.
  • stoweboyd: def a temblor
  • moyalynne: Yes, I felt that earthquake. Though at first I did think it was wanda.
  • bs: Am I the only one who didn't feel the damn earthquake?
  • Scobleizer: Twitter and FriendFeed going earthquake crazy. Small one.
  • moyalynne: Centered in Danville.
  • ryankuder: We're in San Jose. Didn't feel the #quake.
  • GeekMommy: Geez you guys... Twitter & Earthquakes seem to be going together like Peanut Butter & Chocolate ;) Stay safe SFO tweeps.
  • moyalynne: 4.2 in Alamo, near Danville. Big enough!
  • whitneyhess: Wow all my SF friends be safe in the earthquake!!
  • Scobleizer: Lots of people have never been through a big quake.
  • lwaldal: shake-ah, shake-ah, me and lucy under the table still watching toy story 2 waiting to see if there's more quake
  • caroline: @bs i think you are.
  • moyalynne: More like, I heard this earthquake. SFGate already reporting, some 4 mins later. They're reporting 4.1, not 4.2.
  • apenny: Growing up in SF I was told that it was good to have non serious earthquakes because it released pressure and lowered chances of BIG one
  • tedr: Since the earthquake both Google Analytics and Google Maps are showing incomplete pages. (Yes, I'm a loser tonight. Saving up for 2morrow)
  • Veronica: If there's an earthquake, and no one is around to Twitter it, does it make a shake?
  • ryankuder: Watching Twitter explode on news of the #quake is awesome.
  • poshmama: Was that a baby earthquake or have I had too many margaritas?
  • sfearthquakes: Damn. A 4.0 quake just happened 2 mi ENE of Alamo, CA. ( )
  • Scobleizer: Twitter survived a quake and my Playstation didn't stop playing the movie we are watching.
  • loresjoberg: I was driving during the quake and didn't feel it. I am not complaining.
  • lizhenry: dang it what earthquake! I didn't feel anything
  • sacca: My last Tweet was actually an ancient Inuit expression for "earthquake" that I learned during a comparative poetry class in junior college.
  • stoweboyd: Nothing fell down here. in Soma.
  • CreativeSage:... Thanks, we're all fine. 4.1 is considered a fairly small earthquake. We hope no aftershocks.

I love Twitter. :)

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