Sunday August 24, 2008

Saturday at the Zoo

What to do on a Saturday afternoon when the parents and sister are visiting? We went to the zoo.

San Francisco has a nice little zoo. It's not as big as the National Zoo in Washington DC or the San Diego Zoo but... right now, they have baby tigers! This makes it a pretty wonderful zoo. :)

First, we visited the Lemurs. There were ring-tailed lemurs (mostly grey and white), black and white lemurs, and one all-black one. Very acrobatic. They did some great gymnastic routines.

Next we saw some odd looking monkeys and (from a distance) several giraffes. There were flamingos with pretty shrimp-colored feathers. Their wings are tipped in black, only visible when they are spread wide.)

The prairie dogs were cute and fat - munch munch munch - I asked "Do they ever stop eating?" and the keeper said "Well, they sleep..." The meerkats were alert.

There was a rhino (who wears down his horn and butts his gate). He is LARGE and interesting with all of that funny "armored" skin. There was a peacock in the grass in front of the rhino enclosure.

The river otters were doing synchronized swimming. That was another great show. The penguins were fun. They wag their tails!

The lions were handsome and regal.


And then... baby tigers!

Three Sumatran tigers were born March 6; they are almost 6 months old. They're still cute and fuzzy. One was asleep upside down right next to the glass. I wanted to rub his chin.

After a while, mama tiger got up and walked around saying "MahWOO MahWOO". What a deep voice. Wow.

It was a good visit... even if I couldn't hug a tiger...

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