Friday August 22, 2008

Weekly Wrap-up 2008_34

The weather was pleasant - warm with a light breeze. Well, "light" for where we live. :)

I started a new notebook at Work. Apparently, I do not attend very many meetings where I take notes anymore. My first six notebooks each covered as much as a Quarter: six notebooks for June 2006 - Sept 2007. My seventh notebook covers 11 months.

Cool. One of the groups I do work for gave me an Amazon certificate as a thank you. Nice!

Did you notice that Wednesday was a special date, at least in Europe? It was 20/08/2008.

I slipped getting off the shutle bus Wednesday morning. My left foot slid down the edges of the steps., If I hadn't been holding the rails, I would have fallen. It took well over an hour before I stopped feeling that "eek!" feeling in my left foot.

The Credit Union changed our account numbers on August 9. Gack. I found out this week when I got email from ING Direct saying that my bank had updated the electronic funds transfer information. Way to go, CU.

I had to order new checks for Rich and for me. Now I have to confirm that all of our automatic payments are correctly updated. Ugh!

Oh yeah, there was a note in this week's SnailMail about the change. More of a "by the way". Um, CU? Changing our account numbers is a Major Thing Here!

A Developer Tools manager and I had a meeting Wednesday afternoon with 3 students from Hong Kong who are working on a study of Wikis. We talked about TWiki use at The Company.

My sister flew in on Friday morning to visit for the weekend. I used to track her progress.

I met her at Baggage Claim at SFO, then we went to breakfast. Afterward, we chatted and took a nice walk on a local trail until 5pm.

Our parents flew in at 5:30. Lots of company for the weekend.

This week I read Song in the Dark, by P N Elrod.

In between and around the rest, I've had nearly enough naps and oodles of snuggles with the cats. There have been good meals and interesting conversations with Spouse and friends. I've chatted with my sister and found topics to twitter.

Onward and Upward.

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