Friday July 25, 2008

Cosmic Laughtrack Meets Twitter

The Universe has recently been having a great joke at the expense of Twitter.

On Monday, the folks at Twitter implemented a new "antispam policy" that addresses "aggressive following". In theory, this is supposed to affect "Twitter spammers", people who follow thousands in the hopes of getting some to follow back so they can then send messages. In practice, it affects real people, some of the more vocal and positive users of Twitter — the people Twitter should be not be upsetting!

Commercial accounts (e.g. JetBlue) have had to drop customers in order to add customers. High-profile Twitter users who evangelize Twitter to their clients and at conferences cannot add new follower/following relationships.

This is an incredibly stupid limitation that hurts real people more than "spammers". After all, potential spammers don't care if they have to drop 100 to add 100. The ones they drop weren't "buying" their services anyway. There's no "relationship" being lost.

So, where does the Cosmic Laughtrack come in?

On Wednesday, in an unrelated, coincidental, technical accident, a database glitch at caused follower/followee relationships to simply disappear for many users. Oops.

It's Just So Easy to link the two events. And, of course, people did.

"So, Twitter, not only do you tell me I can't follow more people, you take matters into your own hands and cut my following list!?"

The best conspiracy theories are the ones that leap right out at you. They're obvious to the most oblivious observer. Coincidence? I think not!

This is the Cosmic Laughtrack at its finest.

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