Saturday June 28, 2008

Weekly Wrap-up 2008_26

The hot weather broke last Saturday but it's been hazy and smoggy since then. There have been fires burning to the north and down the coast. Nasty.

California has been issued an emergency declaration and federal agencies have been ordered to assist in the firefighting efforts. Fire officials announced full containment of the Napa-Sonoma wild fire on Wednesday.

Most of the fiires were apparently caused by lightning.

We stopped at OSH before dinner last Saturday and bought a roll of turf. The kitties' lawn needed to be rejuvenated. The kitties were loving it to death.

We drove around to Longs and Walgreens last weekend hunting house-brand Tylenol Sinus with Pseudoephedrine. Walgreens still sells some (one to a customer, with drivers license, from the pharmacy). I forgot to remind Rich to bring his wallet so we could only buy one.

I really HATE Meth addicts!!! Stupid people and kneejerk laws make it difficult for people like us to purchase medication that works. Grumble.

I had a delightful lucid dream this week (the lucid ones are often delightful). We were in a large house with many rooms. I kept discovering new rooms. The first few rooms had too much stuff in them. We'd put most of the furniture there. Things needs to be discarded or rearranged.

There was a huge basement and a place for a wood/metal shop. I was enjoying myself so much. I knew I had to wake up soon but I didn't want to leave yet. I kept walking around, looking, impressing it in my memory.

We filled up the gas tank on Saturday night. $4.75/gallon at the Shell station near the restaurant where we ate dinner. $4.59 at the station nearer our house (but I wasn't sure if we'd get there before they closed at 10pm).

I have to say I had mixed feelings about driving to the Fish Market for dinner. It's about 15 miles each way. So it cost us about a gallon of gas for the trip. Carbon footprint? Dunno. But I'm happy to be taking the train to Work and not driving. That's an 80 mile round trip.

I caught up with our former chiropractor by phone (she had closed her practice for a couple of years, then came back and set up in Palo Alto -- too far to go for an adjustment). I called to ask if she could recommend anyone closer to me. Good timing. She's moving to New Zealand!

She did make a recommendation. I tried him on Friday and will go back.

Beer and Scripting Sig on Wednesday. This time I ordered a small House Special to go so we'd have leftover pizza! Next time, I think I'll get a medium.

Back in March, I purchased an 8GB Asus Eee PC, thinking it would be a handy little gadget to take with me on the train. Unfortunately, while cute, it really wasn't what I wanted (what I want is a lightweight Mac; I'd love a MacBook Air but it's too expensive.)

I decided to find a new home for the essentially unused Eee and on Friday I sold it to a woman who had been looking for just this model.

I've been reading, but I didn't finish anything memorable this week.

In between and around the rest, I've had nearly enough naps and oodles of snuggles with the cats. There have been good meals and interesting conversations with Spouse and friends. I've chatted with my sister and found topics to twitter.

Onward and Upward.

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