Saturday June 21, 2008

Weekly Wrap-up 2008_25

Another hot week, starting Wednesday. This is going to be a warm summer. By Friday it was 87 in our living room. I turned on alll the ceiling fans, opened all the windows, and drew the blinds on windows that don't open. The cats melted into various furry puddles.

We had Dim Sum on Sunday with friends from the East Bay. They agree with us that the Hong Kong Flower Lounge in Millbrae has excellent Dim Sum.

Good food. Too much food. Full to bursting but happy.

Something new this time - pastry hedgehogs! Three of them, artfully "carved" with prickles and two black sesame seeds for eyes. Nestled on a plate of deep-fried rice noodle "grass".

Fun with TWiki: I worked out some interesting tricks with INCLUDEs for table rows this week - how to create a table from which individual rows can be pulled to stick into other tables.

Threeplus One

We had dinner on Monday evening with two more friends, one of whom has moved back to Switzerland, but continues to work for Apple in Cupertino, so we see him several times a year. The Swiss friend was wearing a wonderful t-shirt from Uhfortunately, it's out of stock. If they reprint it, I've got my name on the list!

Having discovered Threadless , Rich and I worked our way through the catalog. Most of the designs are creative. Many are deeply disturbing. Several are something I would be happy to wear. We ordered a few for each of us. They're not terribly expensive.

Rich had a possibility of jury duty Wednesday but he got lucky. When he checked the website Tuesday night it said to call at 11:30 Wednesday morning. When he did that, they said he was excused.

Neither of us wants to spend a day waiting in the jury waiting room, let alone get picked.

I overslept Wednesday morning. Bad dreams. When the alarm when off, I apparently pushed the button, relaxed and fell asleep again. Only for half an hour but it was cause for hurrying. I woke up at 6:45. Made it out the door at 7:05 and caught the 7:30 train. Got in to Work at 8:30.

I'm glad I made it. I didn't want to have to try for the 8:17 train. But I ran a bit at the station and triggered a coughing fit.

(Rich wasn't involved in the rush to catch the train. Because of the jury duty possibility in the afternoon, he drove that day.)

On Wednesday evening, we discovered a problem on our email "toaster" (the server that accepts incoming mail and does the first-stage processing). It was very low on disk space. How could this be?

Investigation turned up a 65 GB "auto whitelist" file being created by SpamAssassin. We don't even want auto whitelisting (don't trust it.) We turned that feature off.

Rabbi! We have so much room!

Also on Wednesday evening, I decided to clean my keyboard, I popped off all the keycaps, then Rich blew out the dust, crumbs, and cat hair with the air compressor hose. Squirrel did NOT LIKE the big hissing monster noises! He came racing into the sunroom (spinning out in turn 2) and sat hunkering, with his ears going every which way. I picked him up and held him and covered his ears and rubbed his head, murmuring sweet nothings over and over.

I've ordered a keyboard "cover" from iSkin. Maybe that will keep it from getting so full of "stuff".

Putting the keycaps back on is always interesting. At least I had another keyboard handy to compare to. I'm sure that Adrian Monk could do it more quickly and from memory.

Goodbye desk phone! After two years, I found the right person to ask and now, I no longer have a Company desk phone! I didn't use it. I never answered, set it to not ring, didn't call out, didn't use Voicemail. Anyone who tried that number would get an announcement saying "please use IM". Now both phone and number are GONE Gone gone and I am happy.

So, Work... Our dept. VP at the Company wants a department newsletter. I've been on the newsletter committee. So far, it's consumed (at a conservative guess) 20 hours of my time in the past 3 weeks - that's just for my part. There are two other people on the "commiittee" plus several people tapped for content.

The newsletter idea is suffering continuous feature creep, the two audiences are vastly dissimilar... and now the VP says she "wants to be able to read it on her Blackberry". I really like our VP but the newsletter project is cause for frequent bouts of hysterical laughter. It's either that or sob...

This week I read Real Murders, by Charlaine Harris; Present Tense, second in "The Great Game" trilogy by Dave Duncan; and Scholar of Magics, by Caroline Stevermer.

In between and around the rest, I've had nearly enough naps and oodles of snuggles with the cats. There have been good meals and interesting conversations with Spouse and friends. I've chatted with my sister and found topics to twitter.

Onward and Upward.

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