Saturday June 7, 2008

Weekly Wrap-up 2008_23

The weather has been sunny, blue, and warm.

Are you following the Mars Phoenix in on Twitter? 19,000 people are!

Tonight, go outside and look up at the crescent moon. That "star" just above the moon isn't a star, it's Mars. I'll be waving :)

Sometime back, Rich and I were shopping at Beverages and More and I picked up a collection of various "sodypop" drinks. This week, Rich opened "Capn Eli's Bllueberry Pop". Wow. It's Very Blueberry. Quite tasty. We need to get some more of that.

This week we made an expedition to Fry's Electronics before they closed Sunday night. We wanted to find a KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) switch that might work better than the one we already had between our two servers. The one we had has an electronic toggle. Click to switch. Click to switch again. But you can't just set it for any particular configuration.

We got to Fry's by 6:30 (closing at 7). It took another 15 minutes to find a switch that looked like it would do what we want. (It took 10 minutes just to find the right part of the store.)

On the way out, running the necessary gauntlet of the candy aisle (this is how Fry's is configured; it's cruel :-), we discovered dark-chocolate-covered Almond Roca bars. Yummmmmm.

We amortized the expedition with dinner at a favorite restaurant. If you ever get to Los Altos, CA, we recommend Cafe Bombay.

Lots of sun in my eyes on the way home but not much traffic. There was one idiot going too fast on the left lane but he didn't hit anyone.

Mac OS X Leopard is running with few complaints on my Macs both at home and at the Job. TWiki, phpicalendar, and wordpress are all reconfigured working again. My crontabs have been reinstalled. (Apple changed the location of the crontabs in 10.5 and doesn't bother to copy in the previous set. Bad Leopard!)

I have, however, discovered one problem with Time Machine. It has started giving me "Backup Failed" errors. In the system log:

Copy stage failed with error:11

A web search returns a lot of people with the same problem. While there is a lot of "it seemed to go away after I tried foo", there appear to be no definitive solutions proposed as yet.

Synchronicity cloud at the Job: multiple people on unrelated projects asking me the same questions. Interesting.

A new munchie for cats?

I transferred the contents of a bunch of 500mg vitamin C gel caps to smaller (~250 mg) doses. Bebop decided to help by scarfing up the empties!

Do you know abut the Mara Triangle? It's a wildlife park and National Reserve in Kenya. Read about it in the May issue of Wired magazine, in the Mara Triangle Blog, and in Twitter. See photos on Flickr.

With tourism to Kenya down, donations are critical to help protect the animals from poaching.

William Deed is the producer of the Mara Triangle conservancy's online presence. Deed's original personal blog, stoodinaqueue is now supplemented by Stood in the Congo and Stood in the Maasai Mara (photos). I particularly enjoyed the "KitKat Chunky" entry at Stood in the Congo.

This week I read The Anvil of the World, a delightful and funny fantasy by Kage Baker. I also read French Impressions: The Adventures of an American Family, by John Littell

A year in France in 1950 for the Littell family was not exactly A Year in Provence with Peter Mayle. No lovely scenery, no edible delights, not even good wine. But the Littell's French adventures are certainly entertaining. Put an inept American housewife in a country entirely devoted to cuisine, and in the working-class city of Montpellier, "which made Cleveland look like Paris," and you have the makings of a madcap comedy with a heroine who might well have been Lucille Ball with two small children. Based on the writings of journalist Mary W. Littell and written in her voice by her son John, who was 4 years old when the Littells went to France, the book follows the family of four from one quirky adventure to another.

-- review

In between and around the rest, I've had nearly enough naps and oodles of snuggles with the cats. There have been good meals and interesting conversations with Spouse and friends. I've chatted with my sister and found topics to twitter.

Onward and Upward.

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