Thursday May 22, 2008

Fairy Doors


Fairies are settling in the Michigan college town of Ann Arbor. At least, that's what artist Jonathon Wright would like you to believe.

All across the city, "fairy doors" are popping up. The miniature openings into imagined fairy homes are unsponsored, unauthorized works of public art that have captured the imagination of the city.

-- The Wee Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor, Mich.

The first door appeared in 1993. Now there are many, showing up at shops. The doors delight customers , adults and children alike.
The first "door" to make media headlines appeared on April 2005 outside Sweetwaterz Cafe at 123 West Washington in Ann Arbor...Six inches tall, white wood, with a jamb carved in miniature bricks...

"Fairy Doors" in Strange Corridor

Jared Spool takes the idea of Fairy Doors into the software User Interface Realm in his article, " Putting Fairy Doors Into The Design":

Little touches like this, in an otherwise mundane world, can serve to bring a smile to our faces, but they also have the ability of strengthening our bond to the attached brand....
... Finding ways to make our users life extend beyond the mundane is an excellent idea. It strengthen the bond the users have with our designs, making them that much more interested in accomplishing their goals.

What fairy doors have delighted you in designs you use? Have you put any fairy doors into your design?

Physical or virtual, fairy doors are a lovely idea...

Because Urban Fairies are as fickle as any Woodland or Flower Fairy, the locations change with whims. At any given time, there may or may NOT be a door when you look.

At the base of the new fireplace at Jonathan b. Wright's house


In the Fairy Tales section at the Ann Arbor Library


There's even one at the Apple Store in Orlando Florida


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