Tuesday May 6, 2008

Now Using Twitterific

I have started following Twitter using Twitterific from The Icon Factory (Mac OS X only). I'm not 100% in love with Twitterific, but I like it well enough to pay the (optional) registration fee. I figure registering gives me a better chance of success when filing feature requests. :-) (Registration also makes the ads disappear.)

I'm told, by the developer, that the primary irritations I have with the current version of Twitterific will be removed in version 4, to wit:

  • Gray text on black background with (currently) no way to change that. The only time I want to read light text against black is on a t-shirt. Workaround - check "Use a larger font" and turn off transparency.

  • No simple way to open two windows into two Twitter accounts simultaneously. Workaround - I'm running two copies of Twitterific.

If you try Twitterific, note one more oddity: by default, Twitterific is a "faceless" application. That means no menu, no dock icon, no presence in Recent Items. This is unusual behaviour (and caused a friend of mine to stop using Twitterific because it drove him nuts).

You can turn Twitterific into a "normal" application by checking "Show an icon for Twitterific in the Dock" in the System preference panel (reachable from the "wrench"" icon. Again, this isn't particularly intuitive. In this case, "Show an icon" translates to "Act like a normal Mac OS X application."


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